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Trailer Servicing and Repairs

Trailer Servicing and Repairs,

Dont let this be you from lack of maintenance.

We specialise in dealing with all of the most common problems that can come to affect a trailer over time, such as issues with rusted axles, brakes that need replacing, or bearings that need servicing, and our highly skilled team’s years of experience also mean that we are the people you should turn to for any more complicated issues that may have arisen as well.

All moving components inspected

  • Bearings and wheel hubs

  • Brake inspection and adjustment

  • Tyres and rims

  • Full inspection of outer body components

  • Suspension, springs and shackles checked for wear and grease

  • External lights, fittings, wiring and connections

  • Inspect chassis and A-frames for damage / cracks / fatigue

  • Handbrake cable adjusted and checked

  • Coupling/hitch, jockey wheel and jacks lubricated for ease of operation