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Trailer Warranty

Trailers sold by North Coast Trailer Spares are covered by the manufacturers’ warranty for a period of 12 months (3 months for commercial use). This warranty period is valid from the date of original purchase and covers all products against defective materials or workmanship (jockey wheel, bearings, tyres, wheels, brake pads & wearable parts are excluded).

Please note warranty does not cover a product damaged due to improper maintenance, misuse or abuse, accident, external influences such as water and fire. Warranty does not cover repairs required due to normal wear and tear. North Coast Trailer Spares take no responsibility for any damage caused to property or persons through storage and use of products and equipment.

Warranty is void if physical damage is found on any item, unauthorized repair, service, disassembling, product or items has been abused, improper setup/use of the products, failing to follow product instruction, stressing the product beyond its stated limit etc.

The warranty will not cover any freight or postage cost at both ends. Customer will have to inspect the condition of the trailer purchased upon pickup and report to us within 7 days any initial fault found. Warranty claims generally take 3 to 5 business days depending on the parts or labour required to complete repairs.

Please kindly retain your sales invoice as proof of purchase and this must be presented when making a warranty claim. Trailers must be returned to North Coast Trailer Spares for warranty work to be carried out.


Upon purchase please inspect the condition of the trailer.

Please also check the following areas of your new trailer periodically:

1. Tyres must be checked before use.
2. Nuts and bolts.
3. Moving parts.
4. Any bending, breakage or leakage.
5. Safety chain, Ensure chain is in good condition.
6. Lights and wiring.
7. Tyre pressures and condition.
8. Any abnormal noise of vibrations.
9. Check all wheel nuts every 100km and tighten as required.
10. Apply grease to the hubs every 800km, bearing every 1200km.